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Lost Your Keyless Car Fob? A Car Insurance Expert Explains What To Do Next


If you’ve lost your keyless car fob and you’re stricken with panic about what to do next, you’re not the only one. Every year over two-fifths (43%) of people in the UK (equivalent to 16 million drivers) lose or forget where they’ve placed their car keys. 

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at, reveals top tips if you’ve lost your keyless car fob and some advice to prevent you from losing your keys in the future. 

Things To Do if You’ve Lost Your Keyless Car Fob:
1. Call a Locksmith for a Replacement

“Mobile locksmiths will be able to attend to you at your specified location whether you’re locked out of your car at home or the supermarket.

“Many fobs can be replicated without the need for the original key, but as keyless car fobs are more complex than a standard key replacement, make sure to choose a locksmith that has the right equipment for programming a new one. 

“To use this service, you’ll need the following documents to present to the locksmith, a form of ID, your car’s make and model, the vehicle identification number (VIN) and your VC5 logbook as proof you own. The car.”

2. Get the Missing Fob Disabled 

“If you’re worried your keyless car fob could have been stolen, or you’re concerned about where you’ve lost it, it’s recommended that you get your fob wiped remotely.

“Many mobile locksmiths can reprogram your vehicle to work with a new key, but also most importantly. It can deprogram the lost key so that it can no longer be used if anyone finds it.” 

3. Check Your Breakdown Cover 

“If you lose your keys when you’re out somewhere and need to get your car back home, check to see if your breakdown policy could cover you.

“Some coverage can not only cover the replacement of your key in the event of loss, damage or theft, but they can also cover the costs of the call-out, mileage costs and transporting your vehicle back to your house or a garage.”

4. Contact Your Dealership for a Replacement 

“Many dealerships stock replacement fobs for a variety of brands, makes and models of cars and can issue you a replacement one if you provide your car documents and records.

“Getting your replacement from the dealership can sometimes be more of a costly approach than having a locksmith create a replacement key, but if that isn’t possible, your best bet is to go to the nearest car dealership

“Be sure also to check if your car is still under warranty, as this could mean your replacement keyless car fob could also be free of charge or end up costing you much less than you’d anticipated.”

How To Prevent Losing Your Keyless Car Fob in the Future:
1. Always Have a Spare Key 

“When buying a car from a dealership or even a private seller, you should always request a spare key at the point of purchase.

“This will not only prevent future incidents like being locked out of your car if you lose your main key, but it will also save you from having to fork out for a locksmith if you have an emergency key to hand.”

2. Take Out a Key Loss Protection Policy 

“A key loss protection policy means you’ll be covered if you lose your key. The AA have a great Key Assist programme that you can quickly contact, and a technician will be sent out to assist you with the process taking around 40 minutes. 

“The service allows the mobile locksmiths to create new keyless fobs using their equipment without needing the original key, and your lost keyless car fob can be disabled for peace of mind.” 

3. Attach a Tracker

“When you first purchase your car and receive your keys, attaching a pivotal finder to them can make them much easier to find if you misplace them. 

“The finder is a keychain-sized fob and is linked to an app that you can set up in your phone, preventing the frantic search for your keys as you can take out your phone, open the app and locate your car fob via Bluetooth

“These trackers sync with your phone using Bluetooth and can either emit a sound to help you find your fob or use GPS to help you pinpoint its exact location.”


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