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What to Do After Getting into a Car Accident in a Foreign Country


You’re halfway through your vacation, and you just got into a car accident in a foreign country. What do you do? The first thing to do is call the local authorities and get their contact information, if possible. 

Next, take pictures of the scene and exchange details with the other party involved. These are among the essential steps to take if you get into an accident in a foreign country. Dive in for more insights.

Hire a Lawyer

This is probably the last thing you want to do after getting into a car accident, but it’s perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself. Lawyers are experts in dealing with the local laws and paperwork that comes along with accidents. 

Depending on your car, the scene may be full of debris from other vehicles, leading to further complications if handled appropriately by a lawyer who understands how this works in your country. 

Hiring car accident lawyers with many years’ experience will ensure nothing falls through the cracks when filing claims. You might find that hiring a professional would end up costing less because their expertise saves time and energy that you would otherwise have spent trying to sort things out on your own.

Getting a lawyer will also benefit from having someone to help and guide you throughout this process, which can be overwhelming. Someone experienced in dealing with foreign accidents will know precisely where to go, what forms need filling out, and even how much money to claim for damage or injuries.

Exchange Details with the Other Party Involved

As soon as you realize physical damage to your vehicle, it’s best to exchange insurance information with the other party involved. The law in most countries requires this of both parties involved. 

Carrying a translated version of your auto policy can be helpful if they do not speak English fluently. Stay calm and remain respectful during these exchanges of information–accidents are already nerve-wracking enough without getting into any additional trouble by being rude or aggressive on top of that!

Exchanging details will help you figure out who is liable for the car accident, and it will help ensure that your insurance provider can properly process claims.

Call the Local Authorities

This is an important step, as sometimes the police will come to help you. However, if they do not arrive, call them yourself. If there are any visible injuries or broken bones (bleeding that cannot be easily controlled), it is best to go directly to the hospital after calling local authorities. 

Do not wait for an ambulance to get checked out. However, if medical attention is unnecessary and unavailable at the time of injury, try taking a bus back home or hire a driver who knows your location to avoid driving when injured due to pain or impairment from medication used for treatment purposes. 

Take Pictures of the Scene

Pictures of the scene are a great tool when filing an insurance claim or winning a settlement from the other party. Make sure you get pictures of where the accident happened, injuries, and damage to both vehicles.

The best angle for taking pictures is in front of your car at a 90-degree angle. Take multiple shots with different exposures if possible so that you can tell what exactly was going on during the incident by looking back through them later on down the road. 

In addition, take photos of any debris leftover from the crash and anything else relevant such as signage, speed limit signs, lights, and more. If there are street lights, make sure they are off because it may be tough getting compensated for damages otherwise.

Contact Your Travel Insurance Provider Back at Home

Check the exact policies of your insurance provider before you travel abroad. For example, some companies will not cover damages from accidents in a foreign country, so it’s essential to know precisely what is covered and what isn’t.

This will help you get the medical bills covered back home. Most companies have 24-hour service for emergencies, so you can call them even if it is late at night or early in the morning.

They will ask many questions to determine what happened and who was involved before deciding on a course of action to take with your claim.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in a car accident while travelling abroad, you must contact your travel insurance provider immediately. Make sure to take pictures of the scene and exchange details with the parties involved. If possible, hire a lawyer as well so they can help protect your rights!


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