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A New Database for Electric Car Sales, Models and Technologies from IDTechEx


The electric car market has overgrown over the past five years, with 2020’s global sales of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) being 5.5 times larger than in 2015. 2020’s sales were 44% higher than that of 2019 despite the impact of COVID-related shutdowns on the automotive industry. Within this growing market, several trends can be seen when looking at batteries and traction motors. Higher Nickel cathodes are becoming more common, battery capacities are increasing, and energy density too.

 To help organizations analyze these trends, IDTechEx has released the “Electric Car Sales, Models & Technologies Database”. This is a new spreadsheet-based database that includes the unit sales for the most popular BEV and PHEV cars in China, Europe, and the US for each year between 2015-2020. One hundred forty-five models and more of their variants are detailed. Along with the sales data and, where known from primary and secondary sources, specific values are given for battery capacity (kWh), cell type (cylindrical and pouch), battery supplier, cell chemistry (NMC 111, NMC 811, and LFP), cell and pack energy density (Wh/kg), battery thermal management (air, and liquid), number and combined peak power output of the traction motors (kWp) and the type of motor (permanent magnet synchronous, and induction). Using this database, several exciting trends around batteries and electric motors in the electric car market can be investigated and analyzed.

Example charts obtainable through the IDTechEx Electric Car Sales, Models & Technologies Database. Source: IDTechEx
Example charts obtainable through the IDTechEx Electric Car Sales, Models & Technologies Database.
Industry Trends

In some cases, industry trends can be determined by a single model or manufacturer. This is a fundamental reason for having a breakdown by individual models to determine if trends are industry-wide or just driven by a small subset of models with solid sales. Using this sales database segmented by model enables a granular investigation of the trends and emerging technologies in the electric car industry. Information within the database has been obtained through extensive research carried out by IDTechEx from a variety of sources, including both primary and secondary data from public records, press releases, government reports, OEM manufacturers and interviews with OEMs and tier 1 suppliers.


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