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You’ll Never See a Gathering of DB5 Goldfinger Continuation Cars This Large Again


Just 25 of the modern DB5s are being built for customers, one to mark each of the 25 James Bond films so far created with the arrival of No Time To Die in 2021, and already a number of the cars have been shipped to their owners worldwide.

Gathering of DB5 Goldfinger Continuation Cars

It was in 2019 that Aston Martin, in association with filmmakers EON Productions, developed its most ambitious Continuation car to date: the DB5 Goldfinger Continuation.

Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation

Not simply the first new example of a DB5 built since the last saloon rolled off the production line at Newport Pagnell back in 1965, these Continuation cars also include an array of working gadgets as per the Bond car so famously seen for the first time in the Goldfinger film.

DB5 Goldfinger Continuation

007 film special effects guru Chris Corbould OBE helped developed the car’s gadgets. At the same time, scores of Aston Martin engineers and designers worked tirelessly to package them efficiently and elegantly into the timeless DB5 silhouette.

Do You Know?
  • The Aston Martin DB5 was first used in 1964’s Goldfinger, driven by Sir Sean Connery. It was sold at auction in 1986 for $250,000 and was stolen in 1997 from a Florida airport hangar. The thieves broke into the hangar by pulling the doors open with a truck and dragged the car out.

The result is a car that is not only befitting of its 007 associations but one which also pays appropriate homage to the model that remains, arguably, the most famous and recognised Aston Martin of all time.

Aston Martin Gathering of DB5 Goldfinger Continuation

As the cars are steadily being delivered to customers worldwide, the likelihood of gathering so many of the highly sought-after models together once they have been all been handed over next year is remote so, to celebrate their creation. With the enthusiastic support and encouragement of the cars’ fortunate owners, no fewer than five examples of ‘the most famous car in the world’ have been pulled together for the ambitious shoot.


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