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ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit to Address Recent Advancements in Connectivity, System Engineering and Machine Learning Systems


SAE International announced today the ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit would take place online on December 8-9, 2020.

ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit

The digital summit will address the recent advancements in connectivity, system engineering and machine learning systems that are transforming advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated vehicle systems research, creating a new era of integrated and cooperative automated driving.

“With the NHTSA pushing the goal of zero auto fatalities, the auto industry is moving towards additional ADAS to lead to the eventual development and adoption of fully automated driving,” said Frank Bokulich, manager of engineering events at SAE International. “It is crucial for the mobility industry to gather to address the technical, regulatory and legal ramifications of moving from the driver being completely in control to fully autonomous vehicles. This summit will provide an important space for the industry to work through these challenges and create solutions that are affordable, profitable and above all, safe for the entire mobility community.”

ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit to Discuss Self-Driving Solutions

Following the framework of the SAE J3016™ Standard: Levels of Driving Automation, the summit’s presentations and panels will focus on the current state of OEM strategies and developments for active safety and automated systems along with near and long-term technology solutions in development by the tier suppliers for advanced driver assist systems. Panellists will participate from all corners of the industry from OEMs, suppliers, high-tech, government and academia, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, MIT, IBM, Toyota, Uber, Amazon, BMW and more.

The 2020 Panel Discussions Include:

  • Vehicle Architecture and Infrastructure – Reactionary Integrated Software and Firmware
  • Human Behavior and ADAS
  • Enabling of ADAS and AVS through AI and machine learning
  • Standards, Policy and Regulations: What is Really Needed to Rapidly Advance AVs?

ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit to Discuss Self-Driving Techniques

To learn more about the program at the ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit, please visit


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