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Automechanika Frankfurt Postponed to Next Year


TecAlliance, the world’s leading data specialist in the automotive aftermarket, welcomes the decision to postpone Automechanika Frankfurt to next year. “Many exhibitors would have to enter the critical planning phase right now if the exhibition were held at the beginning of September. This is involving high costs for personnel and booth production.

Automechanika Frankfurt

The postponement at this point gives all those involved the planning reliability that is essential in this particular situation and shows that Messe Frankfurt is also aware of the economic risks faced by exhibitors,” explains Christian Müller, Vice President Marketing at TecAlliance.

According to Müller, postponing the event to 2021 offers opportunities for both exhibitors and Automechanika itself to rethink their approach. In the current situation, developments in many areas are being accelerated by digitalisation. In the field of events, too, strategies had to be developed to reach a global target audience “remotely”. “The automotive aftermarket is prepared for this, and many creative minds will present interesting concepts. The Automechanika itself will also have to reinvent itself to a certain extent and reposition itself to adapt to the “new reality”. A creative discourse with the industry that includes exhibitors in the planning process would be highly welcome”, says Müller.

Christian Müller, Vice President Marketing at TecAlliance - Automechanika Frankfurt
Christian Müller, Vice President Marketing at TecAlliance

In the opinion of the TecAlliance Marketing boss, significant on-site events must become more digital. In the technology industry, he says that large trade fairs are primarily used as a platform to reach a global audience via digital channels. Here, especially smaller companies that lack the technical know-how could be supported by an according to infrastructure on site.

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“In the future, the events that offer the best platform for global communication will prevail. Here, the industry must also open up a bit and try to integrate players from other industries with intersections to the automotive aftermarket. Event-in-event concepts for product presentations must also be given greater consideration so that companies do not increasingly hold their events. For us, Automechanika Frankfurt will continue to be the most important global industry event in the next year, and we will further develop our fair trade concept to continue to present ourselves adequately as the technological gateway for the automotive aftermarket,” says Müller. 

Automechanika Frankfurt Postponed

TecAlliance already offers many digital events for its entire product portfolio and will continue to expand these in the wake of the Corona pandemic. For the “Global Data Supplier Award“, which was intended to honour the best-certified data supplier at Automechanika Frankfurt, work is now also underway on a purely virtual event concept.


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