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25 Electric Vehicles and 100 Participants to Partake in the Fourth Edition of EVRT Dubai 2020


The 2020 edition will see Generation.e, the entity supporting the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption across the world, and YallaMotor, an automotive portal, join forces to encourage the transition to smarter mobility within the region. For Q1, the two firms will be investing $300,000 in their marketing campaign towards the EV adoption in the Middle East and will launch day one of EVRT Dubai 2020 edition on 25th March, 2020.

The Fourth Edition of EVRT Dubai 2020

The road trip is set to cover numerous exciting sights around the United Arab Emirates, showcasing electric vehicles from around the world to accelerate the growth of EV adoption and highlight the many benefits of smarter mobility.

After running EVRT events in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Generation.e is ready to transform the event into the ‘World’s Greatest Electric Vehicle Road Trip’. EVRT Dubai 2020 will select only 7 electric vehicle manufacturers to participate in the 2020 event, and 100 participants with a shared vision from across the globe will come together. With 25 electric vehicles driving in convoy across the UAE, EVRT Dubai 2020 will also play host to the roll out of new charging stations along the route.

(L-R) - Ben Pullen, Co-Founder & CEO at Generation.e, and Jorge Bialade, General Manager at YallaMotor
(L-R) – Ben Pullen, Co-Founder & CEO at Generation.e, and Jorge Bialade, General Manager at YallaMotor

Ben Pullen, Co-Founder & CEO at Generation.e, said: “Bigger and better by all means, EVRT Dubai 2020 will build on the successes we have had in previous years with this year’s event to gather the latest and greatest electric vehicles from across the globe. This year is all about showcasing the choice that business, government, and consumers all have to look forward to as the world’s vehicle manufactures, both new and old, launch their electric vehicle models into the market. The abundance of choice for end users will now be the main challenge for electric vehicles, which signals the sign of a new era for EV this decade.”

This year’s edition will also include a competition for participants and vehicle manufactures through the World Regeneration Challenge, a global event at Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais mountain, that aims to draw attention towards the regenerative breaking benefits of electric vehicles. The car that regenerates the most amount of energy driving downhill, will be awarded the title of World Regeneration Champion – proving its dedication to technological innovation and advanced engineering.

EVRT Dubai 2020, with its broad influencer base, is the ideal platform for global manufacturers and distributors who currently possess and those who plan to launch electric vehicles into the line-up in the coming years.

The Fourth Edition of EVRT Dubai 2020 to take place soon

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