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9 Tips to Keep Your Car Cooler During the Summer


To help you beat the heat, we’ve come up with nine tips to help you quickly and smoothly cool down your “hot” car.

  1. Use a sunshade or window visor

Put up a sunshade or window visor every time you exit your car for some time. Keep it even more relaxed for long periods by putting a sunshade in your rear window as well.

  1. Use a dash cover

Dash covers shield sensitive vinyl from sun damage that can cause cracking and tarnishing.

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  1. Cover your steering wheel with a small cloth

Even if you use a sunshade, it is a good idea to wrap your steering wheel with a small cloth. This will help keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down.

Keep Your Car Cooler During the Summer

  1. Park in a shady lot

Whenever possible, park in a shielded area. You’ll be happy to enter a not-so-hot car when you return from your day out.

  1. Keep your valuable possessions out of the sun

Try storing your heat-sensitive belongings beneath the seat. You can also throw a blanket over your precious possessions, otherwise consider placing them in the trunk.

  1. Park in a garage when possible

Even a warm garage beats being parked in the sun all day.

  1. Keep windows slightly cracked

It is a good idea to leave your windows slightly cracked. Even a small crack will promote aeriation and help keep your car cool.

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  1. Purchase a solar-powered fan

A solar-powered fan can make your car feel downright pleasant during even the hottest summer days. These simple fans work to banish hot air from your car.

  1. Throw blankets over your seats

To keep car interior cool, throw blankets over them. Keeping your seats cool will make your car more pleasant on hot summer days.

Keep Your Car Cooler

According to a study conducted by General Motors and SAE, it’s more efficient to drive with your windows open than air conditioner on.

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Some people tend to avoid driving their car when it is too hot, but they should know that driving a car will help cool it down faster? For those unaware, your car A/C system works better when your vehicle is in motion, as the A/C compressor runs even more quickly. There’s no reason why you should wait for your car to pre-cool, as it’ll only waste your time and petrol.

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Keep Your Car Cool

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