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Manfred BRäunl, Porsche Middle East and Africa’s New CEO Puts a Spotlight on the Upcoming Product Launches for Porsche


Manfred Bräunl, the newly appointed CEO of Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE (Free Zone Establishment) discusses the sports car market in the region. He also comments on the region’s most sold model and his ambitions for the remainder of 2019.

Bräunl shares how the first 90 days have been, since joining Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE in March 2019 and highlights how important the region is for Porsche’s business.

As part of his role, the new CEO leads a team of 52 employees, across 20 countries and 65 Porsche facilities in the GCC, Levant, Africa and India.

Manfred Bräunl, CEO of Porsche in Middle East and Africa FZE
Manfred Bräunl, CEO of Porsche in the Middle East and Africa FZE

Bräunl puts a spotlight on the upcoming product launches for Porsche, including the new generation 911, the new Cayenne Coupe and preparations for the arrival of Porsche’s first ever fully electric sports car, the Taycan.


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