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1.88 Million Renault Vehicles Sold Globally in the First Half of 2017

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In the GCC, the newly-released figures show first half-year sales have grown almost threefold since 2012 (up 74 per cent in the region from 2016 to 2017) despite uncertain market conditions. Conversely, recent industry data showed the broader market opened the year with a significant decrease in new car sales across the region. Regardless of the difficult industry climate, Renault Middle East posted record-breaking results, cementing the brand’s presence in the region.

1.88 Million Renault Vehicles Sold Globally

This substantial rise in sales is, in part, the result of the introduction of new models to the Renault Middle East product line-up. In particular, Renault’s executive saloon, the Talisman and SUV model, the Koleos, have proven popular with Middle Eastern customers.

The Talisman, priced from AED 67,900*, blends elegant design flair with a sporty edge to deliver an exceptional driving experience. Thanks to its MultiSense® driving system, motorists can tailor their premium driving experience to suit their mood and keeping all occupants protected on the road is a suite of intuitive high tech accessories.

Marwan Haidamous, Renault Middle East Managing Director-EDITED
 Marwan Haidamous, Renault Middle East Managing Director

Marwan Haidamous, Renault Middle East Managing Director, commented: “The results we have achieved in the region so far this year, especially in such challenging market conditions, is an indication of the strength of the Renault brand in the Middle East. After a period of significant growth we’re entering an exciting new era for the brand in the region as we continue to improve our understanding of our customers and can respond to the trends we see in the market. The remainder of 2017 will see us embark on new partnerships and launch innovative, new, game-changing products.”

The Koleos SUV is designed to take on any adventure thrown at it. Its imposing athletic stance gives it a robust yet premium look, inside there’s a feeling of well-being thanks to an ergonomically designed interior and an array of innovative driver aids to make journeys as comfortable and safe as possible. The Koleos SUV is priced from AED 74,900*.

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