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Aston Martin Rapide S: Every Trip in It Is a Red-Carpet Event!


Aston Martin Rapide S- rear shot

It seems that Miss Rapide’s goal was to get out of the friend zone with me and hook the cars lover’s interest—I was utterly seduced by her at the very first sight.

Since it was the very first date, we had to get to know each other better. As such, we made our mind to pick out some tough roads of different nature, so as to cut the Rapide S some slack.

Aston Martin Rapide S- Hassan Soukar, social media influencer

Before unleashing the power this beauty has, I was amazed by the interior which is marked delicate leather upholstery, aluminium, piano black trim and some other interior materials worked by hand to achieve a finish never seen before on a four-door sports car. The seats, too, were more than up to the task of keeping passengers in place during feisty, back-road rollicks while also providing unprecedented, long-distance comfort.

Aston Martin Rapide S- Hassan Soukar, social media influencer-01

Even though some of its contenders serve up more space for the rear passengers, the Rapide S offers enough room for four people, including the driver, to go along with its striking looks and stunning performance.

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The Rapide S is equipped standard with the 1000 watt BeoSound Rapide – a bespoke sound system custom-made specifically for the Rapide. It comprises 15 speakers that were optimally located throughout the cabin to deliver a-one-of-a-kind sound quality.

An available Piano Black interior pack adds a deep, mirror-like shine to the center console, transmission tunnel center plate and door handles along with a dark surround in the instrument binnacle and steering wheel.

Aston Martin Rapide S-02

When it comes to safety elements, the Rapide S comes standard with dual front, front side and full-length side curtain airbags in addition to traction and stability control systems, electronic brake-fofore distribution and a tire pressure monitoring system.

I cannot forget this thrill I got upon starting the engine and then hitting the road. I felt as if I was aboard one of those plush mega yachts. It seems that this beauty has some sort of chemistry with all kinds of roads.

This hot lass is powered by an impressive 5.9-litre V-12 that sends 550 hp to an eight-speed automatic, this comeliness hits 100 km/h (60 mph) in 4.7 seconds.

Aston Martin Rapide S-interior

Exterior styling is matched by interior materials worked by hand to achieve a finish never seen before on a four-door sports car

With eight gears – always operating at their optimum level – I had experienced an extraordinary shift quality and far-fetched acceleration.

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Key competitors

Such highly luxurious sedan, with a bit of sporting flair, like the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S can be considered alternative to the Rapide S.

Aston Martin Rapide S-01

The editor’s note

Although the Rapide S is big enough, the low roof limits headroom in back. This car had so far lorded it over its competitors’ thanks to many such aspects as a superpower, stability over slippery roads, perfect driving fun and exceptional performance!

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