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Volvo Cars’ New Red Key Means Your Car Is Always in Safe Hands


Volvo Cars has launched a new red key designed to give owners peace of mind when entrusting their vehicle to other users.

Available on the recently launched all-new Volvo S90 saloon, V90 estate and the award-winning XC90 SUV, the Red Key activates functions on the vehicle to help ensure the car is driven responsibly when in the hands of valet parking staff, repair workshops or younger drivers.

When the car is driven with the Red Key, its top speed is reduced to 120kms (75mph), the Adaptive Cruise Control function is programmed to maintain the maximum distance to the car in front, and the maximum volume from the audio system is reduced.

Also, use of the Red Key sees the permanent activation of a range of safety features, including BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), Lane Keeping Aid, Forward Collision Warning, Driver Alert Control, Distance Alert and Traffic Sign Recognition.

Mohammed Maktari, Managing Director of Trading Enterprises, said, “There is always a sense of apprehension when you hand over your car keys to a third party. For those who regularly entrust their car to others, Volvo’s Red Key gives owners the confidence that their vehicle is being driven responsibly, no matter whose hands it’s in.”

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